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(Mac OSX)

New Game: Survey Says

Now YOU get to be the famous celebrity hosting Family Feud a popular daytime gameshow in your service!

  • You can add as many “surveys” as you’d like. Each survey can have up to 8 answers. You don’t need “tally”s (the # of people that agreed with that answer), but you totally can!
  • You can reveal and hide any answer you want! You no longer have to use some hacked together Powerpoint file to play Family Feud some daytime survey gameshow.
  • You can X, XX, XXX (whoa!) away incorrect answers.
  • You can reveal all answers or reset the board for the next service.
  • And then there is scoring! Keep track of team points right on the screen for all to see!
  • Included are 6 ready-to-go games including a “Back to School” and super relevant “Summer Olympics”!


  • Added Auto-Updating so future updates should be a little easier to get!
  • bug fixes