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Engaging, Reusable, Customizable GAMES

Choose from the growing digital, DYM Games™ library to create engaging and interactive games specific to YOUR ministry. Guaranteed to get your students moving, laughing, and–most importantly–not flirting with the PK.

Ready In Minutes

Create your own game from scratch, or choose from (and tweak) one of our existing “ready to go games” — getting a game ready for your program has never been easier.

For groups of 5 to 5000

Engage your WHOLE group. DYM Games is built to fit your group size.

Save, reuse, edit and share

Create a new custom game or edit a “ready to go” game… then save it so you can reuse or share it!

Connect to a TV or projector to play!

Prepare on your laptop, then connect to a separate screen to play!

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