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What is DYM100?

We’re glad you asked! We are thrilled that you are interested in applying for—and possibly attending—DYM100.

These three days will be FULL of idea-sharing, training, surprise guests, fun activities, giveaways, iron-sharpens-iron opportunities, and lots of food. This is an invitation-only youth ministry community event.

Only plan to attend DYM100 if you’re ready to:

  • Learn
  • Eat
  • Laugh
  • Be challenged
  • Connect with 99 other youth workers who value DYM
  • Idea swap
  • Laugh
  • Eat
  • Be treated well
  • Be surprised
  • Give input and evaluate future DYM ideas
  • Laugh while you’re eating
  • Be at a conference where the schedule and speakers are a mystery
  • Participate (Sitting back isn’t an option.)
  • Basically, leave your “typical conference expectations” at home. This is going to be different than anything you’ve experienced before. You will receive some youth ministry, leadership, and life “content” but this will be so much more than just a content-download experience.

What attendees have said about DYM100:

DYM100 was just what I needed when I needed it. I hadn’t been to a conference in years and my pace has been quite unhealthy for a long time now. I LOVE ministry and have been working with students for 17 + years now. Yet, while I didn’t want to walk away from youth ministry, I was actually contemplating what to do because I had been so spent, fried, burnt out, and discouraged where I currently am from the church culture I’m in. DYM100 renewed me, gave me some tools, and helped me see I’m not alone in this challenge. So again, thank you.

Steve Kinsel, NY

It is clear that your support and concern for youth workers is the thing that drives DYM.  For one who has been doing youth ministry for 22+ years, I thank you for the excellence and creativity that defined last week.  DYM100 is the best conference I have been to since I have been in ministry.  It is not an exaggeration.  I truly loved it.

Jeff Allen, NC

The DYM100 last week was hands down the best conference I have been to ever.  Seriously.  And I have been to a lot.

Dave Falcone, NJ

I am SO thankful to have been surrounded by such an incredible group of student pastors and leaders these last few days. Thank you for looking us in the eye and speaking truth and encouragement into our lives and ministries. I love that y’all are the REAL DEAL and challenge us to be the same. Thank you for an incredible opportunity. Excited to go home refreshed and encouraged.

Mary Mitterling, TX

DYM100 was an awesome and much needed week. I showed up on day 1 as a complete stranger and I left with some pretty awesome friendships!

Kevin McNeil, VA

There is something incredibly unique that happens it just a few short days and I heard lots of guys saying that weren’t even able to put their finger on exactly what it was but they felt whatever it was, it was exactly what they needed.

Matt Adams, LA

Interested in being part of DYM100 2018?!

We’d love to have you! Leave your email below and we’ll notify you when dates are set and the applications are being accepted! (Yes, you have to apply!)

In the tradition of DYM, you’ll get a ton of bang for your buck, registration cost will be reasonable and we’ll also have a few scholarship opportunities available.

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