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Weekly programs bring a constant pressure to find an amazing game, the perfect video, create professional looking graphics, craft a captivating message, while articulating thought-provoking small group questions… and then you’ve got to get students to actually show up. Argh… we get it!

That’s why we created the DYM Membership: to free you up to spend time with your people… by helping you take care of your programs! Learn more by watching the video below.

Stay relevant, without having to know the latest viral trend

Members save big

DYM releases several new resources every week (read about HOW we do this here), and because of this the DYM store is constantly updated with resources related to current events, as well as those that can be used all year round.

Members get DYM store credit to spend EVERY month, as well as deep discounts on everything in our store–which helps your monthly credit stretch even further.

Members are able to save big while downloading resources to fit their changing needs and context all year. 

“I wasn’t culturally relevant when I was young. I don’t have the time or energy (or desire) to start now. DYM makes me look more culturally aware than I’ve ever looked by providing resources by youth pastors who know what’s trending. Fanny packs are back... BOOM.... game. Kanye says something else? BOOM series. It’s awesome.”

Jeff Selph, Associate and Youth PastorKalamazoo Community Church (Plainwell, MI)

Get premium content that’s only available to members

Premium Member-only resources

Every month, before we release any resources in the store, we set aside the strongest ones (think: “cream of the crop”) exclusively for DYM members.

We have a Members-only category for you to find these premium resources, and (in addition) Members are sent new and exclusive resources (created just for them) every month.

“You can’t always put a ton of time into your program each week, but your program can always look and feel like a ton of time went into it.”

Andrew Larsen, PastorSafety Harbor Community (Safety Harbor, FL)

Look like a PRO while saving time every week

Exclusive Member-only tools

If you are doing ministry online or in person, Sidekick is the trusted choice of presentation software for thousands of youth workers to help them create and run engaging programs week after week. Learn more at

Communicate with your parents, leaders, and students effortlessly with the Newsletter Builder. Use the drag-and-drop editor to easily design a simple, yet beautiful newsletter in seconds to share with anyone. Learn more

Grab pizza before the leader meeting and just press “play” on one of the many videos in DYM’s Leader Training Library. Learn more

“Sidekick makes me a look like a pro to students, Newsletter builder makes me look like a pro to parents, and the leader library makes me look like a pro to leaders. Win/Win/Win!”

Derry Prenkert, Student Ministry LeaderSoutheast Christian Church (Louisville, KY)


DYM Membership is more than subscription… it’s a community.

We’re constantly dreaming up ways to cultivate and invest in this amazing community of youth workers. Keep your eyes peeled for monthly #memberperks.

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Our members say it best

It’s easy to tell you what we love and value about the DYM Membership, but it’s probably better from another youth worker who can better explain how a DYM Membership has impacted their ministry.

Ansley Higginbotham, Youth DirectorCulpeper United Methodist, VA

Some youth workers are just better at pop culture than I am. Now I get to be myself and take advantage of all their clever materials! That’s what I love best about DYM membership. It’s allows me to be the leader I was created to be without having to try to be good at things I’m not.

RJ McCauley, Student Ministries PastorMagnolia Church, CA

By far, the DYM Gold Membership is the best deal in youth ministry. I wish I had this membership when I started serving in student ministries some 15 years ago. There are so many good resources on it and tools to use. Games are awesome. Sermons are relevant and can be customized... It pays for itself every year, and is worth every penny. I highly recommend getting a Gold Membership!

Kyle Fulks, Assistant PastorHope Community Church, PA

The gold membership is a phenomenal resource for my youth ministry. We use DYM products every week - and most fo them come from the membership; sidekick usage, student leadership, free games, or I just buy stuff with the store credit. I know I can always count on DYM totally saving my procrastinating butt, as well 😉 Thanks for the great work DYM!

Jim Purtle, Youth PastorEl Dorado Springs Church, MO

The monthly freebies and store credit, combined with my member discount, cover pretty much everything I need every month. Way cheaper than the big-budget curriculum out there.

Justin Knowles, Youth Network PastorSandals Church, CA

I know I have a lot of skills in some areas, but when it comes to the premium games and videos that comes with the membership... it's just a whole other level... in which I get to take credit for making program awesome!

Todd Pearage, New Hanover UMCGilbertsville, PA

The Leader Training Library has proven to be an invaluable component of the DYM Gold Membership. From monthly leader meetings to our local network meetings, these videos have played a crucial role in equipping, training and encouraging youth workers!

Brett Eddy, Director of Student MinistriesPort City Community Church, NC

Gold membership is the gift that keeps on giving...literally! You get access to the best that DYM has to offer before anyone else does...and it’s INCLUDED! Win-win!

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